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Weizenbaum. Rebel at Work.

Claude Shannon, John McCarthy, Ed Fredkin, Joe Weizenbaum, April 1968

About the film...

"Weizenbaum. Rebel at Work", GER/AUT/USA 2006

The film spans 8 decades of Joseph Weizenbaum's life. It provides a stage for his humorous narrative depicting a World of Yesterday while reflecting on the dawn of the computer age. It follows 84-year-old Weizenbaum on some of his numerous public lessons, effortlessly entertaining overcrowded lecture halls.

The old man is an up-to-date chronicler, a chief witness against militarism and the myths of technological progress, but he remains a modest, funny and most reflective story teller.

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Press, Texts and transscriptions of the documentary film "Weizenbaum. Rebel at Work".


Digital Art Weeks, ETHZ

Center for Arts&Media

re:frame, NYC

Planet TV


Digital Arts, Vienna




Director's Statement, German

Transliteration, English

Film Poster

Press Kit, ZIP

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To Save Lives

Film Stills

Trailer - "Weizenbaum. Rebel at Work"

GER/AUT/USA 2006, 80 min., Silvia Holzinger and Peter Haas, IL MARE FILM

"Weizenbaum. Rebel at Work" was presented in more than 65 cities, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in universities and at festivals, such as transmediale07, Berlin, Center of Media and Arts, Karlsruhe and Digital Art Weeks, ETH Zurich.

The documentary film received the Wolfgang-von-Kempelen-Award in 2007.

Cinemas can rent a German DCP or the international DCP with English subtitles and voice-over.

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Claude Shannon, John McCarthy, Ed Fredkin, Joe Weizenbaum, April 1968

Streaming - "Weizenbaum. Rebel at Work."

GER/AUT/USA 2006, 80 minutes, 2.6 mBit mpeg4

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