Sara in front of Sassi di Matera, Basilicata, Southern Italy.

About the Film

A documentary film about Sassi of Matera.

Interviews and conversations from May 2003 in Basilicata in Southern Italy. An extraordinary portrait from an almost forgotten town, dug into the tuff cliffs, that has been there since Classical times. Encounters with the equally extraordinary inhabitants of the town form the basis of the film. A surprise, with the bewitching music of an Apulian singer, UARAGNIAUN.

*** Matera declared European Capital of Culture 2019 ***

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Texts, transscriptions and press material of "FOREIGN STUFF" to download.

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Synopsis, English

Synopsis, German

Synopsis, Italiano

Film Poster

Press Kit

PR Thessaloniki, German

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, English PR

Kremstaler Rundschau, DIAGONALE

Wiener Zeitung, DIAGONALE

Transskription, German

Transscription, English

Elenco dialoghi, Italiano

Filmtrailer - "FOREIGN STUFF"

GER/AUT 2004, 45 minutes, Silvia Holzinger and Peter Haas, IL MARE FILM

Presented on the following film festivals:
Lucania Film Festival (IT), Diagonale (AUT), Thessaloniki International Film Festival (GR), ecocinema (GR), Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Documentario Mediterraneo (IT)

With the music of UARAGNIAUN.

Film poster

Streaming - "FOREIGN STUFF"

GER/AUT 2004, 45 minutes, 1.8 mBit mpeg4

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